Marq RezoTube Pack

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The five 1-meter LED light tubes included in MARQ Lighting's RezoTube pack deliver the ultimate visual-performance experience to ensure your show, wedding, or school dance is memorable.

Each tube contains 32 ultra bright high-resolution LEDs so the effects are spectacular and crisp from any viewing distance, whether you set the lights to synchronize to the music or program each individually.

Multiple mounting options allow total setup flexibility, and a convenient carry case makes transport easy when traveling big to gig.

–32 RGB LEDs per tube for high resolution and ultra bright graphics.

–Multi-mounting options: Ships with mounts for individual tubes or fanned display options on floor or hanging.

–Bring-it-all carrying case included: fits all accessories in a single package.

–30 high-resolution, pre-programmed animation effects.

–Standard 3-pin DMX input and output for DMX controller.

–Ethernet ports for use with advanced lighting software.

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